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Ultimativer Erfolg Event GmbH, Ahlers Real Estate AG
Diamonds Forever AG i.G.

Since 2001 speaker, coach and motivator at various international events with successful and famous speaker and entrepreneurs.


  • Entrepreneuer, Business- and Team Coach, Keynote-Speaker, Positioning Leaders
  • Business Convention Mannheim 2012 with 1.200 attendees (organized by himself)
  • Speaker at “Never work again” Sydney 2012 with 3,200 attendees
  • Speakers Convention for Business London 2013 with 11,000 attendees
  • Speakers Convention Business Nürmberg 2014 with 3,500 attendees
  • Trainer and Speaker Education Barcelona „Train the Trainer“ 2014 with 650 attendees
  • Co-Organisator & Speaker at Entrepreneur Congress Hamburg “light the fire” 2014  with Sir Richard Branson and 1,200 entrepreneurs
  • Speaker at Convention Prag 2015 with 2,800 attendees